Project Manager

Montvale, NJ
Kean University
  • Drumming
  • Live Music
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
Get To Know Deniz

Website design/development obviously! But seriously, helping build digital landscapes for businesses and professionals is an amazing experience; I love the satisfaction seeing a client look at their new website for the first time.

Google! First stop when I need a question answered, or better yet a fact checked. I was taught by a peer early in my professional development ‘don’t bother your supervisor too much with the same questions over-and-over again… Google is in your pocket!’

The home computer was in my bedroom as a child. When I was really young, I would occasionally wake up to see my Mom or Dad playing computer games trying to be quiet. I remember trying to surf the web for the first time, only to be kicked off within 10 minutes because Mom made a phone call… Oh how things have changed!

I believe I can easily communicate and connect with anyone. I had a very eclectic set of interests and hobbies growing up, which helps me hold conversations with most people I meet.

My father. He won multiple World and National Championships shooting in the NRA circuit, while being a full-time police officer/hero and a role-model father! He is truly always working and has helped shape the work ethic I hold today.

Cappadocia in Turkey! Literately out of this world (hint: Luke’s home planet)