The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University was coined in 1933, in the city of Bishkek (formerly Frunze), Kyrgyzstan, with the recruitment of 200 students in the first year. The establishment of this institute was very much contributed by the First Moscow Medical Institute, high medical schools of Saint-Petersburg, Almaty, Tashkent and many other medical institutions. They also provided us with expertise and organizational assistance, medical guidelines and training books as well as faculty staff. During the period of so many years of its existence, the Medical Academy has successfully trained many of the foreign students from more than even thirty countries. This institute is much capable of graduating the ability to continue postgraduate education in other countries in America and Europe. There a number of clinical hospitals at the Medical Institute which are equipped to train students. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is a leading milestone in medical education in the Kyrgyz Republic and the most dynamically developing institution of higher education in Central Asia.

Fee Structure in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Tuition fee is paid in local currency Kyrgyz Som. Tuition fee is also adjusted with US dollar / Kyrgyz Some exchange rate is given below.


Established In

Tuition Fee / Year

Hostel / Year

Insurance / Year

Total / Year

Total in INR * / Year

Bishkek1993US$ 5,315/- 1st year
US$ 2,800/-
for 2nd to 6th year
US$ 600/- 1st year
US$ 600/-
for 2nd to 6th year
US$ 85/- 1st year
US$ 85/-
for 2nd to 6th year
US$ 6,000/- 1st year
US$ 3,485/-
for 2nd to 6th year
Rs. 3,60,000/- 1st year
Rs. 2,09,100/- per year
for other 5 years.

Preparatory MBBS Course in KRS University is starting from March 2016. Seats are filling fast…


The medical faculty of KRSU is a top leader on preparation of therapists, surgeons, neuropathologists, the obstetrician-gynecologists, traumatologists, otolaryngologists, oculists, oncologists, dermatologists, infectiologists, family doctors, phthisiatricians, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, urologists, and doctors of other specialties.KSMA has working staff of 526 teachers, of which 86 professors and doctors are of medical sciences, 315 candidates are medical sciences and docents. Our professionals work both in Kyrgyzstan, and in CIS countries, the USA, Israel, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Australia, China, England, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Syria, Korea, Afghanistan, Jordan, Greece, Morocco, Sudan and in many more other countries.

First Year Fee is inclusive of following things-

1. To Arrange passport of candidate
2. Secure enrollment of candidate at Academy (Admission Letter).
3. Attachment of documents at state and central government offices.
4. Eligibility certificate of Medical Council.
5. Invitation and No Objection Certificate from Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.
6. Visa assistance (including visa fee, and stamping)at Kyrgyzstan Embassy.
7. Travel charges.
8. Flight ticket to Kyrgyzstan.
9. Receiving from airport, provide proper accommodation at hostel.
10. One year Visa and Medical Insurance at academy.
Note: This processing fee will be charged only in 1st year, and from 2nd year onward student have to pay only for college fee and monthly expenditure own (food and accommodation).