Internship Program Mechatronics

Jointly Done By Corporate Solutions Provider and Meatech Technical Training Centre

Skills Training for Employment :
Skills Malaysia INVITE programme

International Technical Education and Vocational Training Programme in Malaysia (or better known as INVITE) is a government initiative designed specifically for international students. It was developed with the aim of producing graduates with comprehensive skills and knowledge in technical and vocational disciplines to become skilled employees or entrepreneurs.

The Department of Skills Development (DSD) of the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia is the government agency responsible for coordinating the implementation of the SkillsMalaysia INVITE programme. DSD believes that this programme will provide an opportunity for international students to equip themselves with valuable skills that can enhance their employability.

DSD welcomes international students to develop their abilities through this programme in Malaysia.


Benefit that will be gain by student’s when enrolling for this program are as follows:-
  1. Student will get qualified program that are recognized by Malaysian and International certification bodies.
  2. Training that is conducted by training institutions are well equipped with training and recreational facilities and have dedicated and experienced trainers and assessors.
  3. The campus experience will expose students to personal development and living skills.
  4. A structured and systematic internship programme at recognized companies in Malaysia
  5. Solid corporate links and relationship between Skills Malaysia INVITE programme and industry partners.
  6. Student will have additional skills certificate recognized by Malaysian Skills Department together with their diploma or degree qualifications.
  7. Student will have real working experiences when they attend this internship training.
  8. Student’s knowledge, capable and expertise will be wider and broader with additional qualifications, skills and knowledge.
  9. Student will be adapting to new culture and also new friendly environment at new country.
  10. Student can have multiple option and choice when they looking for job after they complete their internship training, as they knowledge and skills scope will be more open.

What we offer :

Mechatronics Technician

Program Name Mechatronics Technician
Program Description Mechatronics Technician will be responsible for maintenance activities for mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electrical and electronic equipments, tools, jigs and fixtures, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) drive and transmission, detection systems, robotics, operation and network systems which also include preventive maintenance of the equipments and systems. The work is carried out at various places such as design offices, manufacturing plants, workshops and assembly lines using computers and complex software tools for the design, simulation, testing and data collection for automation systems.
Admission Requirements (For Mechatronics Program) Secondary School, High School, Vocational School, O-Level minimum credit in Mathematics, any science subject or Any Vocational Subject and pass in English
Admission Requirements (For Internship Training) At least candidate holding diploma or degree in the field listed below:-
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Systems and Control Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
Program Code MC-090-3
Duration 2 years
Levels Level 2 (1 year) and Level 3 (1 year)
Major Study Area
  • Automation Equipment Safety
  • Automation Electrical Equipment
  • Automation Electronic Equipment
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Drive & Transmission System
  • Robotics System
  • Tools, Jigs & Fixtures
  • Supervisory
  • Product Development
Delivery Mode Lectures, Practical Skills Training (Internship Training) at local Malaysian companies
Career opportunities Instrument Technicians / Assistant Engineer / Engineer Precision Instrument Technician / Assistant Engineer / Engineer Industrial Instrumentation and Control Technician / Assistant Engineer / Engineer
Document Required
  1. 8 passport size photo (white background).
  2. 2 complete set full page passport photocopy.
  3. Higher secondary certificate – certified. (For Mechatronics Program).
  4. Diploma or Degree on Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer and Systems and Control Engineering. (For Company – Sponsor)
  5. Complete Resume of interested candidate.
  6. ILETS English Certificate or other English qualification certificate.
  7. Non Objection Certificate for all sub Sahara countries.
  8. JPK Application Form.
International Candidate Age Limit 21 – 35 years old
Malaysian Immigration International Student Approval Process 6 weeks
Awarding Body MEATECH TTC and Malaysian Skills Development
Sponsor (Companies) Will be determining after candidate went through Skype interview. Besides that sponsor (company) also provide letter of achievement or completion after candidate completes internship training
Accommodations Will be provided as candidate has to pay minimum monthly payment for hostel.
Transportation Will be provided as candidate has to pay minimum monthly payment for transportation.
Internship Allowances Will be provided as allowances is depends on how much the company pay and also qualification of candidate. Min USD300
Examination There will be written and evaluation examination for candidate. Candidate has to pay examination fees separate as it is excluding from the course fees.
Class Mode Classes will be conducted once in a week. (8 hours lesson)
Campus & Class Conducted MEATECH TTC at MANTIN
Internship Training 5 or 6 days at sponsor (company) place with minimum 8 hours of training every day. Candidate may require doing extra training hours of internship training as it is depends on the sponsor (company) terms & conditions with the candidate.

Fees :

EMGS Initial Payment
  1. Visa Processing Fees
  2. Medical Screening Fees
  3. Insurance Premium Fees
  4. Other Fees

  • RM 500.00
  • RM 250.00
  • RM 500.00
  • RM 120.00
Administration Fees RM 230.00
Once Malaysian Immigration Approval Out RM 2000.00
Before Student Arrives to Malaysia / Once Landed at KLIA Airport + Liaison fees RM 7520.00
EMGS Payment (Visa Renewal Fees – After 6 Months) RM 500.00
Total First Year Course Fees RM 11,520.00
Second Year Course Fees RM 1500.00
EMGS Payment (Medical, Insurance & Other Fees Renewal) RM 870.00
Balanced Second Year Course Fees RM 1000.00 (paid monthly of RM 100)
Total Second Year Course Fees RM 3370.00
Total Course Fees RM 14,990.00
  1. Section 1 above illustrates on the complete course fees structure for internship program on Printing and Graphic Design Production program for International students.
  2. International student who wish to enroll for this program he / she have to pay initial payment of RM 1600.00 together with their complete documentation for registration. This payment consists of EMGS visa processing fees, medical and insurance premium fees and other fees related to EMGS. Balance RM 230.00 is administration fees charges.