Medical Ph.D (PG) In Poland

The Medical University of Gdansk, Faculty of Medicine announces Doctorate Studies in English for domestic and international students. This is a four-years-lasting Ph.D. course, which provides all necessary training to make participating postgraduate students leaders in the clinical and basic medicine. If you are medical doctor, veterinarian, biologist, biotechnologist or you keep equivalent life science graduate diploma, you are invited to take a part in this extraordinary adventure. Doctorate Studies in Gdansk University guarantees academic training in each and every Branch of modern medicine. From neuroscience and genetics to oncology, surgery and psychiatry. You will join vibrant scientific community devoted to discover secrets of human body and to find new ways to help patients. University will support your efforts to go beyond the borders. Each Ph.D. student has individual tutor from experienced senior staff, who assist and advices throughout the whole Ph.D. studies.

Why come to Gdansk ?

The Medical University of Gdansk is known from its high quality research. Every year we are ranked among the top research universities in Poland.

The Medical University of Gdansk is famous from its high quality clinical work. Our new academic hospital is classified as one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe. The University Clinical Centre offers full coverage of clinical disciplines. It is the most prestigious reference hospital in Northern Poland.

The Medical University of Gdansk supports community skills. Our faculty offers medicine studies in two languages, Polish or English. Over 200 Polish and 100 international students (mostly from Europe and America) are admitted for medicine studies every year. Doctors from all over the world keep our medicine diplomas.

The Medical University of Gdansk offers variety of sport and leisure supporting your holistic development.

*The Medical University of Gdansk is the place for your Ph.D. studies*


Doctorate Studies are opened for domestic and international students (both EU and non-EU citizens may apply) holding MBBS/M.D. or M.Sc. diploma or equivalent.

The following forms are required at entrance:

  • Expression of will to be admitted to the Doctorate Studies of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdansk directed to the Rector of the Medical University of Gdansk.
  • Curriculum Vitae (please include the following statement “The Medical University of Gdansk has my permission to use the information included in this document for the purpose of recruitment to the Doctorate Studies of the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Gdansk)
  • Certified copy of M.D. or M.Sc. diploma or predicted day of your M.Sc. defense
  • Student’s book transcript.
  • Short description of the scientific project you would like to perform during your Ph.D. studies.
  • Copy of Publications or other scientific achievements
  • Certificates confirming English Language skills.
  • Certificates confirming other languages skills.
  • Four passport photos.

Optional: if you consider performing full clinical activities together with your Ph.D. Studies you must provide us with the official permission to undertake clinical activities as Medicine Doctor (for Polish citizens) or the proof of reorganization of your M.D. diploma by Polish authorities (for foreign students)


Doctorate Studies last four years. These are around 160 hours of Mandatory each year. Passing of the exam at the end of each of those activities is necessary to receive ECTS credits and finally Ph.D. degree. Nevertheless, for those with rapid progress in their research projects, there is a possibility to accomplish the course and receive the degree earlier.

The university provides research programme in all major fields of modern medicine and biomedical studies. We take a part in many national and international scientific projects, which allows our students to realize at least part of their studies in partner universities from all over the world. The major activity of the students is focused on the field of medicine chosen by the student. The main aim of the studies is to deliver novel high quality research presented as your Ph.D. thesis and then as a research presentation during scientific congresses and original papers published in international peer-reviewed journals. This way, we build up your career and support your role as future leaders in your field of medicine. In order to help you achieving these goals, there are doctoral seminars where you can discuss your plans and results, Academic staff attends the seminars as well as takes a part in your daily activities providing you all necessary help.

There is an individual tutor for every Ph.D. student, usually a member of senior staff with Associate Professor degree or higher, who is directly responsible for the development of your research and dedicate activities.

Apart from the research in your area of interested, the university provides uniform cluster of subjects for all Ph.D. students to support your interdisciplinary skills.

Having substantial level of education in your field already, you will be also trained to teach pregraduate students.

The details of the programme are as follows:

Ist year Doctoral Seminars (in the chosen field of medicine)
Methodology (in the chosen field of medicine)
Philosophy/ history of medicine/ sociology
Scientific English
Medical Statistics
Bibliographic and scientific information
Teaching of pregraduate students – didactic training
IInd year Doctoral Seminars (in the chosen field of medicine)
Methodology (in the chosen field of medicine)
Evidence Based Medicine
Scientific English
Ph.D. students scientific congress
with presentation of your initial results
Teaching of pregraduate students – didactic training
IIIrd year Doctoral Seminars (in the chosen field of medicine)
Ethics in medicine
Scientific communication
Scientific publishing
Teaching of pregraduate students – didactic training
IVth year Doctoral Seminars (in the chosen field of medicine)
Current progress in medicine
Clinical psychology
Teaching of pregraduate students – didactic training
Public defense of Ph.D. thesis


In order to receive Ph.D. degree you must complete the course the course and receive necessary ECTS credits. At the end of the course, you must present to the Dean office your original research results in the form of Ph.D. thesis written under the guidance of your tutor. The thesis is then scored by at least two external reviewers / experts in your area of medicine. The major features of your work assessed by the experts are the originality, interest to the field and quality of the research presented in the thesis. It usually means that your results should be on the level allowing to publish them in the international peer-reviewed journal or register them as a patent. Having positive comments from the experts, you must pass three additional exams before public defenses on the basic discipline related to the field to the field of your research, on philosophy (or ethics or history of medicine) and on foreign language. The final step is the public defense of your Ph.D. thesis in a front of the Faculty Board of senior scientist who grants you the title of Philosophy Doctor.

Entrance exam :EURO 250
Tuition fee : 5000 EURO/semester

For Indian students there are a number of advantages

  • Study in English Medium
  • Affordable Tuition Fee /No Donation/ No Entrance Exam
  • Worldwide Acceptance Teaching Methodology
  • Job Prospects all over the world.
  • Practical Aspects in Teaching.
  • International Faculties.
  • Participation of Students in Seminars/ Symposia/ Project Work, etc. in other European countries.
  • European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  • Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in EU and Schengen Countries.
  • Summer Jobs during vacation in European countries.
  • Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe only after completion of study program.
  • 100% Visa Assurance.
  • Doctors are eligible to practice in Europe, UK.US, Canada, India, etc
  • Well established Universities & Teaching Hospitals in Poland
  • Advanced Medical Technology & Infrastructure in Poland