Tuition fees: There is No / Low tuition fee for the Medical program in the Universities in Germany. In 2005, a Federal Constitutional Court ruling overturned the traditional taboo on tuition fees. Until then in Germany it was (almost) only the state that paid for tertiary education. At the moment five federal states charge tuition fees from the first semester onwards, albeit relatively modest ones by international comparison. Other Federal states also levy tuition fees for students who have exceeded ten semesters or have opted after graduation to study another subject. Since 2007, the Federal states of Baden-Wrttemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Hessen, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland levy tuition fees as of enrollment. Most have set the fees at EUR 500 per semester, but offer secured loans to finance them.

Average living expenses Euro 400/month
Language Training- Euro 4000-5000 Euros (7.5 months)