Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS)

Lithuania in the Europe and a member of European Union as well as the Schengen Group

  • The second biggest city in Lithuania
  • Population is about 360,000
  • Situated in the centre of Lithuania:
  • 100 km from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius
  • 220 km from the port city Klaipėda
  • 40 unique and unconventional museums are founded in the City

LUHS is a dynamic academic community, where the freedom of thought and advance of new ideas are the essential values with the strength of more than 7000 students and approximately 1300 academic staff.

Accreditations and Recognitions

LUHS is a World Health Organization (WHO) listed medical school and it is a WHO collaborating centre.

LUHS is listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) in American database FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research) The programmes of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences are recognised by a number of countries, including all EU countries, USA, Lebanon, Israel, India, Turkey, Jordan, etc.

There graduates are eligible to take license exams and thus to qualify for the medical practice Programmes of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences were evaluated by EU experts and accredited by Ministry of Education and Science. Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy and Nursing faculties’ programmes meet EU directives .

International Cooperation

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has more than 140 international cooperation agreements with European, American and Asian universities and international organizations

Departments Of Medical Academy, LUHS

Faculties: Medicine, Odontology, Pharmacy, Nursing and Public Health

Research institutes: Psychophysiology and Rehabilitation, Neurosciences, Endocrinology, Cardiology

Faculty of Medicine Established 1922
Structure: 31 clinical departments, 8 departments and 2 institutes
Students: close to 2550, including approximately 300 international students
Teaching languages: Lithuanian, English (for international students)

Faculty of Medicine - Undergraduate studies

Medicine Duration – 6 years Degree – Master of Medicine Qualification awarded – Medical Doctor (Physician)

Faculty of Medicine - Postgraduate studies

Residency studies Duration – 3-6 years Qualification awarded – specialist in medicine.
Doctoral studies Duration – 4 years Degree – PhD

Faculty of Public Health - Postgraduate studies

Master studies Duration – 2 years Degree – Master in Public Health Study Programmes Study Programmes:
• Management of Public Health (Extramural study programme lasts 3 years)
• Public Health
Doctoral studies Duration – 4 years Degree – PhD  

Research Institutes

  • Institute of Neurosciences
  • Institute of Endocrinology
  • Institute of Cardiology
  • Institute of Psychophysiology and Rehabilitation

University Hospital

  • Largest hospital in Lithuania providing specialized services
  • 34 preventive clinics and 39 inpatient departments
  • 8 rehabilitation and intensive therapy departments
  • Consulting clinic, where 15 ambulatory sections are established
  • 3 branches of the University Hospital (Romainiai Tubercular Hospital, Viršužiglis Rehabilitation Hospital and Oncology Hospital)

The Library

Opened in spring of 2007 listed in the Book of the Most Modern European Libraries collaborates with libraries from Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, Lebanon, Latvia and with other Lithuanian libraries nearly 830,000 volumes wide access to electronic information databases: Medline (PubMed), Annual Reviews, BMJ Journals EBSCO Publishing, Oxford University Press, GIDEON Online, etc.

Courses and Tuition Fees

Faculty Duration of Studies Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Medicine 6 years €8,300 €8,300 €8,300 €8,300 €8,300 €8,300
Dentistry/Odontology 5 years €9,600 €9,600 €9,600 €9,600 €9,600      -
Pharmacy 5 years €6,000 €6,000 €6,000 €6,000 €6,000      -
Veterinary Medicine 5.5 years €6,000 €6,000 €6,000 €6,000 €6,000 €3,000
Public Health (MPH) 2 years €3,940 €3,940      -      -      -      -
Nursing (BSc) 4 years €5,500 €5,500 €5,500 €5,500      -      -
Food Safety (BSc) 4 years €4,300 €4,300 €4,300 €4,300      -      -

The tuition fee could be paid in national currency Litas (LTL). 1 EUR=3,4528 LTL. Additional expenses will comprise the application fee (350 EUR), Temporary Residence Permit plus visa D (approx. 150 EUR), Health insurance (approx. 100 EUR) and accommodation (see below). Living expenses (food, transportation, etc.) are individual (about 350-450 EUR per month).


9 hostels Capacity – 1700 students 2 hostels for foreign students: little flats (two double rooms with one refrigerator and bathroom); two kitchens for one floor (with electric stove, washing-machine and other useful things)

First year students are provided with hostel accommodation on the basis of Residential Lease Agreement. The rent per month is as follows:

  • Small room (12 sq. m.) approx. 140 EUR.
  • Large room (18 sq. m.) approx. 170 EUR.

The number of small rooms is limited. If two students share the room each of them pay half of the rent. The rent should be paid in advance (LTL).